SEO – Search engine optimization for websites vs search engine website position

SEO, are the initials for “Search engine optimization”.

The search engine optimization give to websites the ability to be visited by the search engine “robots” also known as “spyders”, so this is the very beginning of the story; without the visit of the search engine robots… simply there is no story for your website!

But what are Robots and what are their purposes?

Robots or Spyders, are little web applications, launched into the internet network by the search engines, with the sole purpose to collect information from each website… if they can.
So, the Robots will travel all over the internet network, picking up the information in the numerous pages of every website.
That information is then stored for each search engine motor, to be later treated and cataloged in a task named indexation.

Let your website to be indexed by the search engines (eg.Google, Yahoo)

What is the website indexation?

The search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc) aren’t more than websites aimed to suggest you other websites which contents match your search of subjects, by phrases or simple words, in an easy manner.
A website indexation is the cataloging work that a specific search engine do, in order to save the information gathered by the “Robots”, by themes or subjects.

Eg: If a website or page contents is about shoes, it will be cataloged in “Shoes”; if is about shoes manufacturing in Portugal the website or page will be cataloged in “Shoes” and in “Portugal”.

To obtain more accurate results the experienced user will do the search by mentioning a subject and a location.


… and popup in searches!

Did you know that 80 to 90 % of the overall websites are not able to be indexed and so they will never popup on the search engine results, upon a search?

Know why

To be indexed a website must be written in an universal programming language for the web.
The universal programming languages are:

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • ASP

A website can be made with other secondary not universal programming languages, such as:

  • Javascript
  • Flash

these secondary programming languages are aimed just to improve the user experience making it richer in terms of iteration, they not contribute for to making SEO more effective; on the contrary, they represent physical barriers against the “Robots”, so its use must be very consciously evaluated.
However, a website can be written in a language that allows it to be indexed, but still does not appear in top positions of a search.
That’s where the website optimization work we perform becomes crucial.


In what consists the website optimization after all?

The optimization is a very specific work done on a website, ideally at the time of conception or at a later stage, to facilitate the reading by the “Robots:

in order to be able to be indexed by the search engines and to be served latter as valid results, for the search terms or phrases that better suite the website subject and vocation.

The more quality visitors your website receives, the better its position in search engines.

What are quality visits?

Visits of quality, are channeled visits to your website, providing by the search engines, corresponding to the term or phrase the visitors searched.
If the content of your website, matches what the visitor is looking for, then visitor will be interested, will navigate into it, and stay there longer; the search engine interprets this fact positively, since the result showed corresponded to the expected as the visitor does not perform immediately another search or move to another website.
On the contrary, if the content of your website does not match what the visitor is looking for, will quickly leave your website and perform a new search being this fact interpreted, by the search engine, not to have delivered the most appropriated results and, consequently, your website will have a negative note, dropping its positioning in future similar searches.

What is and how works the positioning or page rank ?

Given a search, each search engine, shows up an extended websites collection which expects to be the most suitable to the terms or searched phrases entered.
Those results are presented in a predetermined decreasing order of importance.
This ordered list define the position of each website on those results, is in accordance with the website classification inside the search engine (page rank) and is dependent of numerous factors such as:

  • The more or less website optimization level
  • The visits quality
  • The website’s age

The website optimization is a continuous an evolutionary process!

Website optimization is never finished. Once started, it must be monitored, and the adjustments and corrections required have to be made periodically.
With the objective to diversify the search results, search engines periodically change their algorithms hence, the technical work is to be aware and make the necessary corrections on the websites so that your website remains well positioned regardless the change of algorithms.

What are algorithms?

Algorithms, are a set of conditions, each having a certain weight, which define how to classify the content of the indexed websites.
The algorithm used, their conditions, and their weights, periodically vary with each search engine.
Therefore the position of each website in the polls, will also vary according to the time and the search engine used.

Be careful with the promises!

If someone promises you to position your website in 1st position, be suspicious.
If nothing else, the variations of criteria that search engines themselves induce in search results through the algorithms, NEVER, NO ONE IN SOME TIME, can guarantee such thing.
– It is easy to believe in easy things.
– Hard is to accept good things need work to be achieved.

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