Web hosting. We provide the latest generation Apache servers running in Linux, with high performance and unlimited disk space

The choice of the hosting of your website and email, is crucial, for its good performance and general functioning.
Tradenauta offers Dedicated Servers of great and high standard performance, for internet websites, online radio or video streaming, as well for email hosting.

We work exclusively with the latest generation Apache servers running on Linux.

This way we guarantee that your website and emails are virtually error-free and virus-free and have a high standard of performance.

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Web hosting types

We guarantee that your website and emails are available, 99.9% of the time.
Host with confidence your streaming online radio and videos without interruptions.

Disk space

Forget email accounts blocked by lack of contracted space or bandwidth.
To host your website and emails, we offer: Unlimited space.


Now you can provide an email address to each of your employees!


We offer unlimited sub-domains.
Now you can have unlimited sub-domains on your site.
Ex: comercial.mydomain.com, mymainproduct.mydomain.com, etc.

Data bases
Support for
Data loss prevention

Backup (automatic) / Restore


Know all about who visits your site, and direct your strategy.
We provide statistics!

Do yourself

We provide the required tools to…

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